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November 5, 2018

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How to be Married

October 1, 2018

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In this episode of the Good Christian Podcast, Alex Sanfilippo and his wife/guest Alecia Sanfilippo share their thoughts on how to be married. Listening as they share practical advice and tips for having an awesome marriage. (This is for people who are married or want to be married one day.)

We’re going to start off by discussing the meaning of the saying, “two become one flesh.” - There is a spiritual element to this as found in Genesis, Matthew, and Mark. But, people tend to over-spiritualize it. It doesn’t mean you have to become the same person, it means you work together to both achieve your unique callings. Think of it as a support system.

Here are 6 tips for how to be married while keeping it awesome:

#1. Keeping God first
#2. Don’t be a jerk
#3. Fight for resolution, not to win
#4. Deep communication
#5. Community
#6. Experiences, having fun together.

One last big idea: Seek to serve not to be served.

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Where is God During Difficult Times?

September 2, 2018

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In this episode of the Good Christian Podcast Alex Sanfilippo and Jared Graybeal discuss where God is during difficult times. This is a topic that has been requested and searched for more than any other topic on DailyPS. Where is God during difficult times is a question we've all asked at one point or another.

#1. What would you define as a difficult time? (What have you been through?)
You have minor and major difficulties in life. Most people only thing of the major difficulties. But, a difficult time in life is anything that makes you uncomfortable. Difficult times are different for each of us. What you and (or) I define as a difficult time may not be difficult for someone else; and vice versa.

#2. So (the big question) where is God during difficult times is?
God doesn't get closer or further from you based on the season of life you're in. Good times and bad times, God is right there. You don't need to ask "Where was God during my difficult time?" Draw close to God, and He will draw near to you. (James 4:8) The answer to this question: God is right there. He's not gone anywhere.

#3. Why are some practical ways you can continue to honor God and keep Him first even in difficult times?
It all comes down to your decisions. Create the right steps. During difficult times we become reactive, instead of proactive. God is right in the middle of your difficulty with you. Here are the right steps to focus on during all times of your life:
1. Get in the Bible
2. Be patient along the way
3. Be confident that God is grooming you for your future
4. Focus on intimacy with God Growing your relationship God is more important than any difficult time you go through. Jesus didn't focus on the difficult times He was going through, He focused on growing His relationship with God. That needs to be our focus.

#4. Any final thoughts?
Transparency is huge when you're going through a difficult time. Reach out to a small group of people that you can be honest with. Tell them what you're going through. Don't hold it in. Please remember that the best days of your life are still ahead of you. You will not be defined by the difficult time you're in. Stay encouraged!

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The Powerful Choice to Stay in Christian Community

August 5, 2018

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#1. What does healthy Christian community look like? (Many people may not know.)

Define Christian Community: defined by Jesus Christ. Not tradition, but the reality of Grace. Dead hearts made alive by Jesus. Walking in the light of Grace brings true personal freedom. Healthy Christian community is centered completely on the person of Jesus.

Practically meeting with other Christians regularly. Breaking bread. Remembering Jesus. Praying together. Encouraging one another. Serving one another. Showing no partiality. Displaying God’s goodness by impacting the community. Holiness.

#2. What other “options” or types of communities do people get involved with and what’s the outcome of them?

  1. Religious Community: Work for the spiritual approval of God and others, especially the leaders. Grace is missing.
  2. Work Community: Generally focused on making money. The Love of money is the root of all evil.
  3. Interest groups: Interests and circumstances change.
  4. Family: Family is still imperfect and cannot bring the inward change that’s necessary for happiness.
  5. Humanitarian: Causes come and go. Worldly fraternity is usually superficial.
  6. Some of these are great types of community but will not provide people with the purpose that only God can bring to us.

#3. Why is Christian community the powerful choice? What makes it different?

Everybody wants to know and be known, to give and receive love. That’s universal. And all types of community like change for the better and hope for change brings people together.

Christian community is unique because it calls for Christ-likeness through intimate awareness. Not superficial, exterior changes, but being transformed into the image of Christ. It’s a group of people committed to the ongoing process of becoming more and more like Jesus by knowing God and being known by Him, and consequently knowing and loving other people. Nothing allows people to better know and be known, love and be loved, than the power and presence of Jesus Christ.

The common interest in christian community is Jesus who we are unified with by faith, we draw strength from His Spirit in our brothers and sisters, and we are changed from the inside out. The two main goals Paul had in the New Testament for the young church of Jesus: Unity and Holiness.

#4. Any final thoughts?

You can’t have Christianity without Christian community.

Isolation: Why are so many Christians isolated? They no longer want to relate with others on the basis of faith and discipleship. They’ve walked away from the Christians closest to them. Matthew 18 and how to approach someone in sin. It takes boldness to walk in the light and be completely real and honest with others. It takes becoming like Jesus.


How We Can Use Sports to Glorify God

June 30, 2018

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Question #1: What are some common things that cause us to not glorify God while we’re playing and watching sports?

  • TIME

Question #2: How can we use sports to glorify God?

It all stems from how we view God.


We know how to serve because we have been served and continue to be served by God. Let’s follow the example of Christ set before us and serve our teammates, coaches, referees, etc.

Question #3: What are some practical ways that we can start glorifying God in sports?

We will love and serve like God when we are more concerned with His glory over our own.

– Let us appreciate talents and Godly characteristics over the score and victories.
– Let us view sports through the lens of eternity.
– May our treasure and joy not be selfishly spent on sports.

– Honor teammates, coaches and referees.
– Play to the glory of God.
– Play with integrity, more concerned for displaying God rather than self.

– Praise the Godly characteristics in our children more than the statistics and victories.
– Bring to light what holds weight in eternity.
– What we draw attention to in our children will set a foundation for what they view as important.

Question #4: Any final thoughts?

We can reflect the glory of God by knowing God more. We must acknowledge that we are nothing without God and simply trying to abide by a list of recommendations will leave us fruitless unless we seek God more.

  • Reading His word
  • Obeying His word
  • Praying God’s truth to be evident, that he would equip us to be able to reflect His characteristics of His patience, love, kindness, humility, grace and servant’s heart.